About Brittany

Brittany McCormick is a South African motivational speaker, all the way from Cape town!

Brittany was born with Cerebral Palsy. Brittany’s goal is to encourage others to believe that what seems impossible, can be possible. She aims to improve lives through teaching others to defeat the odds and overcome challenges. Brittany wants to help build programmes for the educational and corporate sectors so they can help improve the lives of others with disabilities and help them live their true purpose.

Brittany has had many accomplishments.

Some of these include: speaking to the wellness team at Dimension Data South Africa and women of the month for the Justice League Organisation of South Africa which organises virtual races in order to support feeding disadvantaged children in the community. Brittany raced in those races to honour the 17 million people in South Africa living with disabilities.


Brittany has spoken in 159 countries for the amplify her voice international conference, she has spoken in front of 115 thousand audience members virtually for the YIS organisation, she has been interviewed on podcast super teachers unite and queens of manifesting. This podcast goes into 85 countries and has been ranked top 5 podcasts in the world.


She has spoken for the growth credo team and the cerebral palsy organisation of South Africa, spoken for ladies of all nations South Africa: this platform goes into 159 countries.


Locally, she has been interviewed by the South African show the red corner show.

Internationally, she has been interviewed by Tina talks show, live streams international church, the marketing company creative spaces and the insure group insurance company.


She has also swum the island swim, been interviewed by South African radio stations and has had various articles written about her.


Brittany McCormick aims to not only be South Africa’s top motivational speaker, but also to be an impactful member of the international motivational speaking community.


Phonex Education Engineers

Brittany's ability to make you forget that she has a disability is her super power! She bolstered my belief that we should all focus on our strengths and not our weaknesses

 - Dr Francios Naude

Justice League

Brittany, the Wonder Woman we all look up to!
The treadmill became her freedom,and she will keep pushing
to reach her goals.

- Justice League

My Disabled Perception

I have recently worked with Brittany on my Youtube channel, My Disabled Perception. She is a wonderful person and great at motivational speaking.

In my opinion it would be a great advantage to you and your company to hear what she has to share about Ability over Disability.

-Jonathan Ellis

Sabrena Love

On behalf of our foundation I just wanted to say Thank You again for the very inspirational talk. This has been an eye opener for us all and still up to today we think of your words of wisdom and encouragement

-Sabrena Love

No Label Defines Me Coaching

It was a pleasure having Brittany join me on No Label Live to talk about shifting from seeing the disability to seeing the ability. She gave the audience great stories from her life that resonate with anyone dealing with aversity.

-Nathan Todd

Be Kind Podcast

It was a sincere delight having Brittany as a guest on my podcast. She’s a confident well-informed speaker with a powerful story about overcoming odds and how anyone can develop a winning mindset. She’s a young leader with an exciting future!

-Be Kind Podcast

Ability Not Disability Virtual Event

Congratulations on an amazing virtual motivational talk. It was absolutely inspiring, motivating and just all round enjoyable talk.

You spoke from the heart and that touched me so much more than other motivational speakers, as you were talking about yourself, your own personal experience and relationships with others throughout your life.

I loved the interaction from other people too. You spoke clear, fluent and articulate. You so enjoyed yourself and that showed. Your love for what you do and what you stand for comes through during your talk and that is just so inspiring.

I eagerly await for your next talk


Ability Not Disability Virtual Event

We Throughly enjoyed Brittany’s presentation. It left us feeling very mindful, motivated and educated.
It taught us to remember to be more patient in everyday life. It really impacted us positively. We feel very blessed and grateful Thank you for making a difference in our lives.


Ability Not Disability Virtual Event

What I enjoyed about the presentation was the personal and raw aspects of it. To hear statistics and read off information is one thing, but to hear Brittany's true account of
her experience, how she has adapted and over come obstacles was truly awe inspiring. What impacted me was her resilience, and her positive and motivating demeanour with which she spoke. It was truly a beautiful learning experience and I was grateful to be apart of it.


Ability Not Disability Virtual Event

*What I enjoyed:*
• I really liked the fact that there was a Power Point Presentation as the talk was happening - visualizing helps the viewers so that was a good point

*What motivated me to come to the talk:*
• Brit’s passion for life and perseverance for reaching her goals alone inspire me - so listening to her speak is just an extension of how she inspires me already.

*What impacted me the most:*
• When Brit explained to acknowledge the disabled as people simply by greeting them, smiling at them or if possible, talking to them. They are as much people as I am.

These are the points that impacted and changed my life because before watching the presentation I thought if I had to one day have a disabled child, I possibly wouldn't have coped but after watching and listening to Brittany speak and present that changed drastically. 



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